Wired ring doorbell

Hi, my wife has bought a wired ring doorbell and I wanted to make sure it’ll work with my existing doorbell (chime) before I start trying to mess with it.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Adam93. With the Doorbell Wired, you will actually be bypassing the Chime Kit using a Jumper Cable. With this in mind, the Chime Kit you have looks like it is able to be bypassed. I hope this helps.

@Adam93 Basically as Tom says the Wired Doorbell wont ring your chime, it needs to be bypassed. As long as your transformer supplies voltage within the required range you should be fine to bypass that chime.

Your chime is battery powered, so you don’t have the transformer needed to power it. Your simplest option is to get the ring plug in adapter, and connect it directly to the 0 and 1 terminals (you can use the screws below the ones the wires are connected to). Alternatively you will need to get an electrician to fit a transformer to power it.

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