Wired ring doorbell showing pitch black image during night

After a recent app update, the image from my wired ring doorbell gives pitch black image during night. Here is the comparison:

I noticed this since the recent app update, and it never get fixed so far. What’s the problem?

Hi there, @liuhyhit! Having a wall nearby is a common factor for night vision, as is having ambient lighting to assist with illuminating the area. For the immediate wall in view, there will be a setting in your Ring app to account for this, depending on your Video Doorbell model.

To access this setting;

  • Visit the Ring app
  • Open the Menu
  • Select Devices
  • Choose your Video Doorbell
  • Tap Device Settings tile
  • Visit the Video Settings.

There you will see options for night vision, such as Color Night Vision and additional Night Vision settings. The additional Night Vision settings contain a “wall nearby” option. Check out our Help Center article for a description of these options as well as other night vision troubleshooting steps. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I’m using wired ring doorbell and there’s no night vision options in the setting

Thanks for the clarification, @liuhyhit. In this case the best solutions would be adding light to the area, and also avoiding the nearby wall using a Corner Kit. Feel free to test different light directions and brightnesses while live viewing to see what lighting orientation benefits your video at night the most.

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