Wired ring doorbell pro


Built a new house and had the builder run a separate wire for a “wired ring pro”. He had already installed a regular wired doorbell (only at 32" from floor) in a wrong location and ran the second wire for the Pro in the correct location. Hooked everything up only to discover that one of the subs apparently put a nail through the wire for the Ring Pro when completing the drywalling. I now have a doorbell wire with no power. Is there any way to covert the wired Ring Pro to wireless or to battery after the fact? The house is stucco with poured concrete walls, so I can’t get another wire from the existing transformer to the outside doorbell location. Would appreciate suggestions.



Hey @Royal. You definitely can! Just purchase our Plug-In Adapter and hook up the Pro to this adapter to get the same power you would from a transformer. :slight_smile: