Wired Ring Doorbell loses WIFI connectivity - related to Firmware update?

Any ideas as to why the Ring disconnects and won’t automatically reconnect?

It has been working fine for months - but lately - sometimes twice in 1 week it will have disconnected from WIFI and won’t reconnect.

I’ve tried turning off my router for a while and turning it back on - all other devices connect but not the doorbell.

Only resolution has been to dismantle the doorbell and pair it from scratch. A useful PRODUCT enhancement is to send a notification when the disconnect occurs… I only notice when I’m in the app. Whereas my Canary camera will send me a notification if it goes offline for some reason…

Only other thing I have noticed is that as soon as it pairs back - it does a Firmware update. So I’ve been wondering if there has been some sort of glitch when it attempts to update the firmware itself, gets stuck and then just stays disconnected?

Frustrating as we could all be in the house but we aren’t hearing when someone presses the doorbell. From the outside, it does looking like it is working, a person will hear the chime - but because it is disconnected from the WIFI - it isn’t letting us know.

I’ve checked to see if automatic firmware updates could be disabled (as something to test and try out) but there is no config in the IOS app that lets you do that.

Any ideas?


Hi @user24113. Typically, if you Doorbell doesn’t automatically reconnect, there are settings on your router that need to be adjusted. Just as Doorbells do firmware updates, routers can also do updates. I would check and make sure that your Doorbell is using the correct ports and protocols for Ring devices. Also, check the security settings on your network and see if that could be blocking the Ring devices from automatically reconnecting. If you’ve done this and are still having connection issues, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.