Wired Ring Doorbell 2 motion sensor not performing

Ring 2 Doorbell, wired, 5 months old

I found that things worked only for a few weeks, then deteriorated into a barely functions state. I have two problems with mine:

  1. The app: motion notifications coming through even though I have a sleep plan setup (6am-9am weekdays). I still get notified on my mobile and the specified Alexa devices (Echo screen, Dot and the big one)
  2. Physical: At the moment, the motion sensor has three zones slightly overlapping each other wih sensitivity set to max, but the sensor is all but useless at this point. I’d be lucky to see the person out of the garden and half-way up the street before I get a notification (zones set to cover front yard with the gate about 10 feet away and the doorbell pointing directly at it). The sensor seems to work when I stand for 4/5 seconds only a few feet away, on the left side of the doorbell. Looks to me that it is a physical issue and that the sensors are just of poor quality.

The features all worked perfectly for about a month then just flopped, which is why I think that it is a build problem aka they cheaped-out on internal parts.

All troubleshooting done - played with motion settings (pretty much all app settings): reset/re-paired device, re-mounted doorbell at alt angles, uninstalled app, gave doorbell static IP in router, tried on pretty much all wireless frequencies etc. etc., was on with Ring tech for over an hour going through the exact steps I had been through 100 times already and the performance is the same - poor.

Is there any update on this? Are they just poor devices?

While your Motion detection settings will generally remain dependable without changing them, your environment or desire for motion notifications might change. It’s always good to adjust or refine your Motion settings in the Ring app.

As it looks like you’ve covered many steps, our support team is happy to take a deeper dive into this for you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.