Wired ring camera with Friedland Chime E831

I recently got a Ring wired doorbell and I’m trying to power it up with my chime. I have a Friedland E381 chime which doesn’t have the Trans and Front terminals. It has 5 numbered 0-4. It looks like 3-4 is hooked up to the transformer and 0-2 are bells for the front and back. It did work as is when I had the original doorbell. I tried adding a jumper to 0-3 and 2-3 but it’s not powering up my ring doorbell. Do I have to remove the existing wires? Am I even able to use it to power my doorbell? We had a battery operated one but wanted it to be wired to not have to keep recharging it.

Here’s an image of my chime:

Hi @blacksun5. We have this Help Center page with instructions on installing the Doorbell Wired. It does say to install the Jumper Cable on the front and trans terminals. Since your chime terminals are labeled a different way, I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of your chime to find out what terminals represent front and trans. If you are not able to do so, I would recommend reaching out to a qualified electrician for help.