Wired ring camera will not connect to WiFi

I recently moved and went to connect my wired ring camera to the new WiFi and it will not connect. Have tried multiple times and each time it gets to the part where I type in my WiFi password and it says failed to connect. The weird thing is I connected 2 stick up cameras without issue right after. Camera is very close to my mesh WiFi’s main hub also.

Hi there, @CRL88! If you’ve got a couple Cameras connected, then you’re doing everything right . Try powering down the Camera, and powering it back up again to see if this will help with initializing and connection. Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device. Next, complete a setup in the Ring app, and at the final network connection step choose the “add a hidden network option”. This will allow you to manually enter your SSID and password for the network so you can ensure it is connecting to the desired access point. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I recently went through this very same scenario. Except I didn’t move, I got a new mesh wifi system. Turns out that my wifi is a dual band, 2.4, and 5g. If your camera happens to be picking up the 5g, it won’t connect. Same with my ring doorbell wired. I had to create a 2g only guest network and then log my ring products onto that. Everything works perfect again. I remember how frustrating and angry it made me, so I hope this information can help you. Cheers

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