Wired indoor camera will not allow me to turn on motion detection

I have a 2 year old wired indoor security camera that will not allow me to turn on motion detection.
While viewing the camera in the app, just above the image of the camera there is a red circle with the camera and a line thru it.
When I try to turn on the motion detection I am taken to motion zone settings. After setting up a zone and clicking done I am taken back to the turn on motion detection screen but when I attempt to turn that function on I get sent right back to the set motion zone settings. All the while there is a popup note on the ‘set MZ’ screen that states ‘snapshot is updating’ but it never does.
I have uninstalled the app and downloaded it again twice, I have reset the camera 3 times and rebooted my wifi 3 times, still nothing.
Note that the camera works with live view, just can’t turn on motion settings without falling into the turn on motion zone loop.

Issue mysteriously resolved itself.
After accessing the ring dashboard on my computer I was able to turn on motion detection.

Day 3 update…I’m still not able to turn on motion sensor with the ring app on my iPhone. I can only enable it by using the desktop computer app.
I don’t want to have to constantly log into my computer to turn on motion detection.

What sayeth you Ring support?

Hi @Ringnut. We’ve been made aware of this concern from other members in the Community, and we’ve passed this information onto our teams. In the meantime, we do recommend continuing with the workaround of signing into Ring.com in order to adjust the motion detection toggle. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your continued support. I do hope it can be resolved.

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Hi @Ringnut, chiming back in with an update. Our teams have resolved this issue preventing the motion detection toggle from working in the Ring app for iOS, so please update your Ring app and test it out. Let me know if that works for you! :slight_smile:

Hi. Yes! Uninstalled and reinstalled the Ring app and it’s back to normal.
Now have app v 5.54.1 & build v

Thank you!

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