Wired floodlight will not stay off at night

I have a hard wired security cam/floodlight that comes on when it gets dark out and will not go off. I checked and no schedules. I have it set for smart motion and minimum sensitivity. It is mounted under the soffit on the back of the house. It does turn off in the day. I do not get motion alerts when it turns on. I have tried a reset from the app. I have another of the same light mounted on the other side of back yard. The other one works perfect.

Probably a dumb question but do you have the “Lights” slider turned on? It is the upper most slider toggle in the settings page. If set to On this would make the camera always be on at night.

Hi @VFR700F2. Do you have a Light Schedule in place? I’d recommend checking to see if you have one in place to keep the light on from dusk to dawn. If you have your Floodlight Cam in a Light Group, there can also be a Light Schedule at this level that would explain this behavior.