Wired floodlight repeatedly turns on/off randomly during night with no trigger motion

My floodlight keeps constantly coming on and going off every few seconds/minutes throughout the whole night but there is motion to trigger it and nothing is recorded. I can look at the app to physically turn the light off and then see it switch back in again.
It’s just started doing this for the last 2 weeks. Not sure if coincided with software update?? I’ve cleaned around it, I’ve turned it off from mains and back on again but it still does this.
Can anyone help? My neighbours are going mad with me!

Hey @Scoobydoo. Please check out our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on the Floodlight’s lights and how to control them. You will see in the picture referenced there that the PIR motion detection zone for the lights is a lot larger than the detection zones for the camera itself. You may find that the lights are coming on with no recordings, which means that something in this larger zone is setting it off based off of a heat signature (PIR). I recommend adjusting your light settings or moving things that could be setting it off in this zone.

Thanks… but I already have the light motion limited to a very small area (a quarter of what I am able to use), I also have the motion set to ‘People only ‘… but the light is still coming on every few minutes throughout the night, and overrides me when I switch the light ‘off’

I am experiencing the exact same issue as Scooby. I’ve limited the light motion area and have the motion set to “People Only”. The light comes on several times throughout the night randomly.

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This keeps happening on my camera and it’s driving me mad. I turn it off manually, and it comes on again. I thought I did see a little spider on a recorded motion, so I will find someone to go up to the camera height and clean the sensor - but why is Ring not addressing this issue?