Wired floodlight not coming on at scheduled dusk to dawn

I have 3 ring devices; 1 doorbell on the front door, a wired floodlight camera on the side of the house and another at the rear. Both floodlights have been scheduled to come home at dusk til dawn 7days /week. While the rear one has done this perfectly from day one, the side one stopped doing it after a few days. I’ve tried rescheduling it and it didn’t help. Usually I have been manually switching it on in the app, but now it has taken to cutting off the light sometime after I do this. I do not have any motion set for the light, btw, at night I want it on. It is very annoying as this is the area that I need lit most at night.

Hi @user35474. What is the RSSI for this device? This is located in the Device Health menu of the Ring app. First, try power cycling the device by disconnecting it from power for 10 minutes, then reconnecting it. Additionally, try adjusting the Light Schedule by 5 minutes to see if the Floodlight Cam will respond correctly. Let me know how this goes.