Wired Floodlight Camera Pro - Wifi Standard

We recently purchased the wired ring floodlight camera pro. Set-up was pretty straight forward and was easily able to connect to our Netgear Nighthawk wifi mesh system. After set-up was complete and wifi was connected we noticed the live view feature was not working (failed to connect) and we were not able to view live videos. I called ring and was transfered to advanced technical support after basic troubleshooting, the advanced technical team confirmed the camera was connected to 2.4ghz wifi connection (required for most ring cameras) and the signal/connection strength was good. After a few hours of testing different options, the issue seems to be that ring’s firmware is not updated to support the latest wifi standard 802.11ax, and will not work with most newer routers unless ax is disable. I tried creating a guest network (only 2.4ghz) and disabling the ax features but still was not able to view videos and live view in app. My stick up cams are able to connect and use live view with no issues on network.

Anyone else run into this issue? Any ETA on a firmware update for the floodlight pro cam?