Wired floodlight camera installation

I purchased floodlight cameras and installation from Best Buy. They told me they will only go up 10 feet. One camera would be about that. Another camera would be almost 20 feet where an existing floodlight already is. Is there a limit to how far up a ring technician will go? I will cancel Best Buy and have a ring tech do the install instead.

The Floodlight Camera should be mounted around nine feet for an optimal intended experience with motion detection, video, and audio quality. As each home is different, you may find the mounting and in app adjustment options could suit this height. Here’s a great Help Center article that describes the Floodlight Camera motion detection with tips on positioning:

As for installer services, installation options can vary by company used. Amazon Home Services also offers installation services, depending on what devices need installation. In any case, checking with the installers is best to be sure. :slight_smile: