Wired floodlight cam plus

installed did the set up multiple times. reset router twice.
have had it connected 3 times and did the update. showed up in the app but always says offline. says i have to reconnect it. wifi strength on my cell phone shows good at the cam.
any tips?

Hi @7a913beaa1450a917f60200654db1b. When you mention completing the setup and having connected the Floodlight Cam 3 times, do you mean that you fully completed the setup process in the Ring App? Or did you receive an error message at any point, or any notice stating that the wifi connection failed? If you have access to a different smartphone or tablet, I would also suggest trying the setup process on there to see if you get the same result or if the setup finishes successfully. Feel free to attach any screenshots as well, that way I can see what you’re seeing on your end. :slight_smile: