Wired floodlight cam person detection useless

I have recently installed my wired floodlight cam having been impressed with the ring doorbell. However, they couldn’t be more different. My floodlight cam gives motion detections for my cats at every hour of the day and night, even when set at the lowest sensitivity. I phoned the help desk who looked at the videos and suggested making smaller detection zones. Done that, no difference. Has anyone found a solution for this high tech advanced camera system to be able to differentiate between a cat and a person? It is definitely not working as advertised!!!

Hey @Goonersteve. Happy to help and look more into this for you! Are you able to share a video example of what you are having being picked up, as well as a screenshot of how you have your Motion Sensitivity in the app, as well as your Motion Zones?

I’m having a similar issue. Spiders/spiderwebs set mine off nightly. Is the cam old? Do I need a new one?

I have a similar problem, but it is day or night and with the stick up plugin cams.

squirrels, cats, shadows of people walking by, car lights, flying insects, all get picked up by the cam even though it is set on ‘person’ detection.

anybody else seeing such issues?

I have spotlight camera and a spider climbs up and down it. Some nights it sets off camera and light for hours. Set on people only, also the neighbors cat sets it off.