Wired doorbell with no chime box

I cannot find the “right” answer to my question. My place has an existing doorbell that is currently wired back to nothing. Meaning that I do not have a chime box. I measured almost 0V at the doorbell so I am also assuming that the transformer is missing. How do I connect up my wired Ring doorbell if I do not have a chime box?

Hi @mrl3086. This depends on which model of Doorbell you are attempting to install. If you’re asking about the Video Doorbell Wired, it requires an existing doorbell system, the Ring Plug-In Adapter, or a transformer for power supply (10-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz). If you do not have a transformer leading to your front door wiring, the Plug-In Adapter may be a better option. Otherwise, you will need to get a compatible transformer installed.

I am indeed asking about the Video Doorbell Wired. I would prefer not to use the plug-in adapter because I don’t have an easy way of connecting the exterior doorbell to an interior outlet.

What should the circuit look like with the transformer? I am getting conflicting information and it doesn’t make sense to me to wire the Ring doorbell directly to the transformer. With my understanding of how this doorbell works, wouldn’t the doorbell be shorting the transformer output when it is pressed if the doorbell were to be connected directly?

@mrl3086 The Video Doorbell Wired will not ring an internal chime kit. So if you were installing the Video Doorbell Wired on a standard doorbell circuit, the jumper cable is installed in order to bypass the chime kit and ensure that the Doorbell receives sufficient power. You can see some basic wiring diagrams here. Since it seems that you will need to install a transformer for the front door, it’s important to ensure it matches the power requirements as well (10-24 VAC, 20VA min, 40VA max, 50/60Hz).

I don’t have a chime box.

Thank you for the schematic that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m surprised that it’s possible to wire the Ring directly to the transformer. But, if the Ring wouldn’t ring my chime box in the first place then perhaps it’s not actually a pushbutton normally open switch like I suspected? I will have to do some testing to confirm once I received my wired doorbell.

Thanks for the help.