Wired doorbell set to Person Detection only, but detecting vehicles as persons

As the title states, I have my wired doorbell set to only notify for persons. A few months ago, it would sometimes alert me that a person was detected when it was a vehicle. Lately every vehicle that drives by my home I receive an alert that a person has been detected.

If I change the sensitivity, a lot of activity gets missed.

If I change the zones it will no longer detect vehicles as people, but it also gives a person time to run up to my door and run away without there being any recording.

Does anyone else have this issue?

I have wired cameras (different brand) set-up to record different areas outside my home. I’m just about ready to purchase another camera for my other system and get a regular doorbell to replace the Ring.

Or do like I do, have both. The non-Ring to record 24/7 and not miss anything and Ring for the ease of use for the rest of my household.