Wired doorbell rang until setup was complete

While installing a new Doorbell Pro 2 my Nutone L20H62H chimed perfectly until I went through the setup steps in the Ring app. Now my mechanical doorbell no longer chimes.

Voltage across the transformer was roughly 24 V. I properly installed the Pro Power Kit onto my chime. I do not see this chime model in either the supported or unsupported chime lists. I have also verified that the Ring in-home Chime option is enabled in the Ring app.

Are there any possible solutions to this or additional troubleshooting steps I can take?

Hi @iMinnesotan. In the Ring app, under the Device Settings > General Settings, have your changed your Chime Kit selection? Can you share a picture of the inside of your chime kit, showing how your Pro Power Kit is installed? I am also not able to find this specific model chime kit listed. Let’s confirm the model number, share a picture if you can, so we can figure this out.

Hi @Tom_Ring . I have attached a file of the settings and of the inside of the chime. I’m only permitted on file per post so I’ll reply a few times. Thank you for your help.

@Tom_Ring any suggestions?

Hi @iMinnesotan. Given that this chime kit is not listed as officially compatible with the Pro 2, it may not work. First, make sure none of the doorbell wires are loose or fraying. Then try toggling the Ring in-home Chime setting off and back on. Test out ringing the Doorbell to see if it works. If it doesn’t, you can reach out to our support team to look into this further and see if there’s any other troubleshooting steps available.

I called technical support and they had me remove the pro power kit completely and then both the mechanical chime and the normal ring functions worked perfectly after that. The technician is forwarding my unique situation to their technical team.

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