Wired doorbell need terminal wire screw size/replacement

I am attempting to install one of the wired ring doorbells. I unscrewed the wire terminal screw too far, it popped out and dropped and is lost outside. Where can I get a replacement? It looks like the wired kit shown here, bottom of page, has the security and mounting screws, but not the wire terminal screws. Is the picture incorrect? The kit looks like it has everything except what I need. thanks for any help.

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Hi @jsring788. If you contact our support team, they’ll be able to send the terminal screws out to you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

This is like pulling teeth. I have the same problem. Online support and telephone support say the “terminal screw” is out of stock. The wired door bell spares kit doesn’t have spare terminal screws and no one can confirm if other kits have the terminal screws and or if they’re the same across all ring doorbells. Can anyone confirm where I can source a replacement or what type of screw it is PLEASE.

While installing a Ring doorbell camera at my son’s place (he isn’t handy at all), I inadvertently unscrewed one of the terminal screws too far and it fell and was lost. In attempting to order a replacement, which I was quite willing to pay for, I had to go through 5 agents, none of whom would send me a replacement terminal screw because I didn’t have the Mac ID and/or serial number for the doorbell camera. My son lives a half hour away and with the weather being minus 35 here right now, I wasn’t going to venture out to pull the camera off to find the info needed. Having him do it, a guy with two left hands…many strengths, but not handy in the least, would have resulted in stripped screws or worse. All I wanted was a simple .50 cent terminal screw. There was no way to do it without the aforementioned info. My hope was to get the screw in my hands to get their camera up and running before Christmas. They have a battery but in this weather it is shot and, of course, cannot be pulled put and recharged without pulling the doorcam apart. If it is anything like my Ring outside cameras, which I love, the battery will last less than 24 hours in extreme cold. BTW, I do have solar panels for my stickup cameras, but with the short days, it isn’t enough. Was extremely frustrated yesterday dealing with Ring support. Might be better in the US but in Canada, friendly but no ability to think outside the box and no ability to take some initiative and get me looked after.

Hi @Gmac2310. In order for a Ring Support Agent to send out any replacement parts, they have to be able to pull up an account that’s tied to the device. Without this basic information, they simply do not have access to be able to send anything out. For your convenience, we have Spare Parts on Ring.com.