Wired doorbell is very warm

I recently installed a wired Ring Doorbell Pro and the doorbell is very warm to the touch. I have tried reinstalling it several times carefully following the directions and there is no change in the temperature. Is this normal?

Hi @user18222. It’s normal for your Doorbell Pro to be warm during operation, especially during the summer as the temperature outside is much warmer and this will affect how warm your Doorbell feels. You can read more about Ring devices and extreme temperatures in our Help Center Article here. If you ever have any safety concerns regarding the temperature of your Doorbell, you can follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. :slight_smile:

I used a laser thermometer to measure the temperature on the center of the doorbell and it was 118 degrees. Then I measured the wall next to the doorbell and it was 96 degrees. That’s a difference of 22 degrees.

Hi @user18222. As @Caitlyn_Ring mentioned, it is normal for your Ring Video Doorbell to get warm during operation. It is completely normal to see a temperature difference from your wall compared to the Doorbell Pro. Hardwired devices have constant power flowing through them, which is what will cause your device to feel warm to the touch, similar to a phone or computer in use. I hope this helps. :grin: