Wired Door Bell (2021) Poor Night Vision Quality Next to Wall

Just purchased the new Ring wired doorbell. It seems to work fine in the day time, but it’s useless and unstable at night. It’s next to a pillar in the wall which only protrudes by one brick, but as you can see the night vision shows only the brick sticking out, the driveway is pitch black.

I’ve read that putting it on an angle is no use either when it’s next to a wall. Will the 25 degree angle mount get rid of this issue or not? It’s very poor from ring if the door bell does not function when close to a wall.

It makes no difference if the outside light is on either, the picture is just as bad.

Hi, the cams viewpoint is the issue as you indicate. Turning the cam to the right will not only bring more into the cameras view (a wall isn’t much use), but also reduce the IR bounce off the wall and potentially enhance the cams motion detection as well.

You can easily test this out by simply holding the doorbell in place and seeing what angle would be suitable. Some users have alternately tried tape over the far right IR led to reduce the IR light on the a side, but turning the cam is the way to go if possible.

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