Wired chime for ring pro 2

Hi I am looking to install ring pro 2 with wired chime can you please advised which one is compatable, from what i have read it has to bea a 16-24V as the 8V wont work?, I cant seem to find any 16V-24V please advise thank you

Don’t think the Pro 2 works with a wired chime. I am sure I read it on the product page. You need a 24v supply to power the Pro 2. If you are in the U.K. you get a 24v transformer in the box. Just use that and get a ring chime. Far better than messing about with wired/mechanical chimes. If you are in the US I am not as familiar most of the doorbell systems there are already around 24v.

Hi @mojomojo. The Ring Pro 2 needs a compatible transformer in order to be hardwired to your system. This can be installed by a licensed electrician if it is something you are not comfortable with safely doing on your own. You can find more about the transformer here. I hope this helps!