Wired camera wont reconnect

Hi i have tye same issues from previously closed topic re camera only 1 with light blue flashing for the past few days. I tried the tips on the other closed topic. Turned off power and tried reconnecting. Turned off wifi and tried reconnecting moved wifi but nothing works. I note i have another camera furtye away from wifi that is working and is battery powered. Wifi signals is irss59 green but it doesn’t recognize the camera anymore.

When i go to the setup options the phone app cannot find the camera despite the light flashing and resetting several times that should work as it did in the past.

What i also noted that each time this camera disconnected and starts having issies i see a car drive up and down near it suspiciously? ?? Is someone doing something to them to stop them from functioning? Is this possible that sone tech guy be purposefully playing with them?

Hi @user22288. A car driving down the street is likely just a coincidence. Wifi connectivity issues can have a variety of causes, as there are various factors that impact it. Which Ring Camera do you have? The device name should be on the Device Health page. Feel free to also share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Ring app during the setup/reconnecting process if you see an error message.