Wired cam saying battery low but no battery installed

I have an outdoor stick up cam wired to mains, is working fine, but saying battery is low even though no battery installed. Anybody else experience this?

I do. I installed it yesterday. I am on the phone with Ring now trying to fuigure it out.

@moonbow According to Ring, I have a gen 3 wired cam (stick up), so it should have come with a battery. The indicator will not go away without the battery, but it will also not affect the operation, unless you lose power to the source. They are sending me a battery, maybe they will do the sam efor you. Good Luck.

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I have a similar situation. The stand up camera is wired directly and does not contain a battery. Since the software upgrade, I have been getting a warning message about the battery being below 50%. The ring app will no longer allow me to display a live image. It directs me to a video to watch to charge the non-existant battery. I contacted Ring and was advised the engineers are working to resolve the issue. The only current work around is to install a battery to get the unit working again. I own a second camera with the same issues.

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I installed two Ring cameras two days ago and intermittently had the same issue. Eventually I noticed that in the IOS app there are two different ways to bring up live view, one consistently works and the other consisently reports that live view is unavailable because the (non-existent) battery is low.

There are two attached screen captures. The one that has a blurry image at the top on a black background has a Live View timeline and a “Live” button that consistently works. The second screen capture with a white background and lots of controls has a red low battery symbol in the upper left and a dim “Live View” button that never works. If I scroll down that screen a little further I find a link that provides me with a video to tell me how to recharge the imaginary battery.

I suspect it’s the UI engineers and not the camera engineers who have some work to do.

We are aware of this and similar situations, neighbors. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We have the team investigating and looking into it as well. We will certainly keep you updated with more information as it comes in. Thank you for your patience!