Wired 2020 release video doorbell connection issue

I’ve had my ring doorbell since October of 2020. Just yesterday I lost connection to my doorbell. I’ve tried resetting it multiple times, following the instructions to troubleshoot. But I still can’t get it to reconnect.
I’ve had this issue in the past, but usually it was just bc the app needed an update. There is no update on the app at this time, it’s up to date with the latest version. I’ve even tried uninstalling & then reinstalling the app but that didn’t work either.
I don’t want to have to buy another product to get this to work ( it was expensive enough & I don’t want to incur another expense at this time). What can I do??

I had moved the wifi extender right next to the doorbell but that didn’t fix the issue.
The reset worked though, thanks.


Hi @user17943. I’m glad to hear that the reset took care of this for you. If you run into any connectivity concerns in the future, I did want to suggest having your wifi extender be at more of a halfway point between your router and your Doorbell. That way the wifi extender itself is getting a good connection as well. :slight_smile: