Wire a ring doorbell so the batter does not drain

I have a 2nd generation ring doorbell that is hardwired. It has worked for quite some time. I recently made some changes to my Ring setup, which records a lot more video. From my conversation with tech support, I realized the trickle charge supplied is insufficient to keep it charged. I have two questions.

  1. Can I increase the power coming from the transformer? I was considering hooking it up to a standard USB charger. The other end would still feed the terminals on the back.

  2. Can I plug in the USB to charge the battery simultaneously with power from the transformer?

In both cases I want it wired with the posts on the back so it will continue to ring my built-in doorbell.



Hi @sparks70b. We advise against trying to leave the Ring Doorbell plugged into the charger indefinitely. Other than adjusting the settings to reduce the amount of activity your Doorbell is recording, the other option would be to utilize the Plug-In Adapter instead of the doorbell circuit.

The Plug-In Adapter would provide continuous power, but you would need to disconnect your Doorbell from the doorbell circuit to utilize it. In that case, you can use a Ring Chime or an Alexa-enabled device to hear audible alerts in your home when someone rings the Doorbell.