Windows Ring app - battery charge value incorrect on top page for device (Ring 2.0 video doorbell)

In the Ring app for Windows (2.4.18), the battery indicator shown on the top Device page (in this case, for a Ring 2.0 video doorbell) does not show the correct (current) charge level until one has exited and reentered the app several times. The app in Android shows the correct charge level at all times.

No update is available in the Windows Store, and attempts to find an updated version at force you back to the Windows Store.

Hi @jackrlewis. I’d be happy to take a closer look at this for you! Can you please share some screenshots showing the battery value that is being reported in the Windows App compared to the Android App? Additionally, I’d also recommend uninstalling the Ring App on Windows, restarting your device, and then reinstalling the Ring App to see if that corrects this concern.

Sorry, no screenshots available. Windows app showed 99% while Android was showing 29%. After exiting Windows app and restarting it (several times) it finally agreed with Android app.

Uninstall, reboot and install has never fixed this problem, which has been like this over at least the past two revisions of the windows version. Windows store only has 2.4.18,no updates.

@jackrlewis Thanks for letting me know. If this happens again, can you please try snapping some screenshots? I’d like to forward the screenshots over to my team so they can take a look at this concern.