windows 10 Ring app update removed device settings


I have the Ring Doorbell 1 hardwired in, working fine for a year.

Normally I can select the Devices menu on the app and be presented with the list of devices.

I have a cog icon in top right corner of the doorbell device, where I could select around 6 or so option (Health, Notifications… and other options to set the sensitivity, sounds/volume etc)

Since the most recent app update a few weeks ago to version 2.4.6 I noticed, the video quality of live view has deteriorated, so when to check the settings - all the device options except ‘Health’ and ‘Notification’ had disappeared from the menu.

A full removal/reinstall of the Ring app has just been done to see if it resolved the issue, but no, its made it worse, I now no longer have the top right cog icon in the device menu for the doorbell… so cannot even check the settings/health/notifications/firware/mac address etc, no longer accessible!

Can anyone advice if this is the same for others using the Windows 10 app, or if there is a way to reset/access the full list of device settings again?



I see the same settings available to me. But I really never used my computer before now. So I can say what was before. I did search for an older version of the windows app but couldn’t find any.

The same issue with my app when Samsung updated my Samsung S10. I also have no camera view nor notifications. My daughter who also has the same phone but didn’t install update, hers still works. Not sure the fix for this issue.