Windows 10 Ring App - Multiple Live Cameras

In case anyone is not aware yet, the Windows 10 Ring App is missing a key feature that would allow it to view multiple cameras at the same time in realtime. (not just 1 frame every minute but a full 30 frames per second at full size.)

If you would like to vote for this feature, please use the following link and click the Thumbs Up icon at the top of the page to vote.

Adding A Live View For Multiple Cameras on the Windows App

We just made the Top 10 Request List and we need 3 more votes to surpass MyQ Garage Door Integration.

  1. :robotsad: Glass break sensor :robotsad:

  2. :robotsad: Apple Watch App :robotsad:

  3. :robotsad: Option to disable blue light :robotsad:

  4. :robotsad: Activate Siren on all Camera’s and Alarm :robotsad:

  5. :robotsad: Apple TV App :robotsad:

  6. :robotsad: HomeKit :robotsad:

  7. :robotsad: Option to turn off Night Vision on Ring Cameras :robotsad:

  8. :robotmad: MyQ garage door integration :robotmad:

  9. :smiley: Adding A Live View For Multiple Cameras on the Windows App :smiley:

  10. :robotsad: Ring Alarm Activation sets off Ring Cam Siren :robotsad:


Let your “Thumbs Up” be seen as your vote for Glass Break Sensors. Ring Teams notice Feature Requests with higher Thumbs Up numbers, and then are more likely to concern the request. There are other Glass Break Sensor Requests on the Feature Board. Across other topic areas (just not here in the Feature Board topic area) there are also many that I’ve probably missed a few links. But if you think this “Glass Break Sensor” device would be nice to have, click on the links below and then click the Thumbs Up Icon. NOTE: In this new Ring Community website, for the “Feature Request Board” the “Thumbs Up” has been changed to “Vote” if you like the posted request.…

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There should also be a Tizen app for Samsung watches.

@Boone , where did the thumbs up icon go?


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@RingMaster2, this new Ring Community changed the “Thumbs Up” :+1: Kudos to the newer “hearts” :white_heart:. So in most of the forum rooms, to give “Kudo” (now called a “Like”) you click on the Heart Icon :white_heart: at the bottom of the post to “Like” it.

But now for the new Ring Community “Feature Request Board” forum, you actually cast your “Vote” (upper left corner) if you like the request.

So now it’s basically the same thing (a heart “Like” or a casted “Vote”), just new nomenclature to get used to. :wink:

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Thanks for the explanation. Seems a bit confusing. I’ll give it another day of wandering around with it. From what I can tell, the Thumbs Up icon has been replaced with a VOTE text hyperlink like you have mentioned.

But there is also the :heart: on each post. So now we can vote and click the :heart: for maximum attention I guess. Odd.

Either way, this is :nauseated_face: