Windows 10 not working with doorbell

Hello guys and gals,

I can’t seem to get my windows 10 to work with the Ring Doorbell, I have enabled notifications and checked multiple settings. I get the notifications on the bottom right of the screen if I MANUALLY click it but it will not pop up from doorbell notifications. Randomly it will play a motion event and I can hear it through my speakers but when someone presses the doorbell it does not work. I hear no noise and see no pop-up notifications, but its there when i click the notification button on the bottom right. Focus assist is off. Anyone else have this issue?

So I fixed it, under notifications I only had RING on because I didn’t like any other notification. So I disabled everything but Ring, this caused the “Audio” to not play. I reenabled Audio and it came back, as a precaution I also enabled “Autoplay” and a few others to fully enable the functionality for the Ring App. I’ll leave this up if anyone else is having issues.