Windows 10 app not showing locations

So I am in the process moving and have installed Ring at my new home. We will not be moving in for a few weeks so I would like to use the Windows 10 app from the MS store to monitor the new home while I am at my current home. I have installed the app from the MS store and logged in(I have done this multiple times since that was the suggestion from the support person who tried to help). It takes my email and password, the same ones that I am using from my phone. When I login on the app all I get is the add a device message on the app. When I access if from a web browser on the same computer from the Ring website I am able to see the location that I have set up. Am I not completing something or missing something? Any Help would be appreciated.

Is there WiFi at your new location and is your device connected to it? I know this may be a dumb question, but we usually make simple errors that are easily fixed. ?

Everything is working fine at the new house, as I mentioned I am able to access the location on my phone or on a browser via the Ring website, just not with the app from the MS store.