Windows 10 App not accepting code

When I log into the Windows 10 app it ask for a code. I receive the code but it will not let me enter it. After the first digit the app crashes. I am runing ver 2.5.2 of the app.

Hey @odonnellw. What version of Windows 10 are you currently on? Could you try removing the Ring app from your computer, restarting it, and then reinstalling the app to see if you can log in then? Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling did not work.

The machine that is not working is running Windows 10 ver10.0.16299.1686 . This is a work machine and I do not have permission to run Windows update

I have another machine that is working and it is running Windows 10 ver. 10.0.18362.836

@odonnellw Thank you for letting me know! We did have this concern on older versions of Windows, and therefore this would be why. I recommend contacting your work administrator to see if they can upgrade the Windows version for you, as it’s always best to keep the computer up to date as possible. Once upgraded, let me know if it starts to work again!