Windows 10 APP no sound in live mode

I had sound on playbacks, could talk to the person on the camera (stick up 2) but couldn’t hear them live. Discovered that the app was using a different playback device than the one I had configured in Windows 10. I disabled the other device and now I get sound both in playback and live modes. This is and app bug Ring, please fix it.


no luck here - where in the Ring (win10) app are sound settings?

Not in the Ring app, in your advanced sound settings on your computer, you may have more then one sound device active that it wants to default to, you need to disable the one you don’t use. I just did this myself and it worked perfect.

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Thank you, I didn’t think of that, I found an old Ring support page that says to restart your pc and reinstall the app but I knew that would do absolutely nothing and it’s basically just passing the buck on to it being a Windows problem.