Windows 10 App History Only Showing 2 Days Back?

Hi Guys

We are trying to use the Windows app and when trying to look at the history, under the “Motion” section, it only lets us view the last 2 days.

If I use “All” or “Live View” I can go further back but not in “Motion”

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @eyetechsecurity. Could you try removing the Ring app from your Windows PC, rebooting your PC and then reinstalling the app to see if this helps? Once reinstalled, see if the correct amount of events shows under Motion. If you still do not see the full list under Motion, please take a screenshot of where you see a Motion event under All, and then a screenshot to compare of where it doesn’t show up under Motion so I can see this discrepancy!

Thank you for your response!

We actually tried it yesterday on a few different computers and came up with the same result on all…

I just checked today and right now it actually goes 7 days back… Really weird…

But still, look at the attachments, if I use the “All” section I can go further. Is there a problem somewhere?

Thank you!

@eyetechsecurity This is for sure odd! I’m happy to get this over to my teams to take a deeper look into why this may be happening. Just so I’m clear on this, you’re able to see all events from the “All” section, but it seems from the screenshot, you never see any recent events in the “Motion” section? I checked this on my Window’s app as well and am able to view the history in the “All” section, exactly the same way as I can see all motion events in the “Motion” section, so I’m unsure why your’s is doing this!

In addition, please let me know what app version it says it is for the Ring app and what your OS software is for Windows. This will be helpful information for my team to know! Thank you neighbor. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much I appreciate that.

I can see recent events in the “Motion” section but I cannot see all of the history. Yesterday it only went 2 days back, now it seems like 7 days back.

If I keep scrolling down on the “All” section I can go back much further than 7 days back, but it’s just really annoying to keep scrolling likw that.

This is the Ring app version: Version 2.5.2-store (X64)

And Windows: Windows 10 Version 1803

Thanks again, let me know if you need anything else


@eyetechsecurity Thank you so much for this information! I have my team looking into this matter right now. We think it may be exclusive to the Window’s version, but it’s just a hunch as they do some testing to narrow it down. The reason we think this is because I personally have Windows OS version 1903 and do not have this concern, but you mentioned you have 1803. I’ll let you know if we can put some validity into that theory.

I want to double check a couple other things, just to be sure we covered our bases with knowledge on this matter! When you go to the Ring app on your personal phone, android or iOS, do you see all your motion events under the person running icon (if you go into Main Menu > Devices > Select any device > Event History)? You’ll of course see the long list on the All section, but I want to ensure you can also see all motion events under the person running. This will verify that this is interface exclusive, and not just account specific!

Lastly, just to triple check, you did try to remove the Ring app from your PC, restart your PC and then reinstall the app, correct? I want to make sure we did this as well, as I know you said you also tried this on another Windows app for another device, correct? If you can, let me know what that OS version is, as well as the app version (just to confirm, if you did have another device you tried it on).

I uninstalled the Ring app, updated my windows to 1909 and re-installed the ring app again. Now it only showing events from today in the Motion section…

Maybe it needs time to populate itself?

Everything works fine on my phone I can go back till March…

Thank you!

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@eyetechsecurity I was just able to check in with you this morning, but this is awesome news to hear! Glad it’s working as it should now. :slight_smile:

I didn’t say it was working fine… Only on my phone it works ok. On my computer I’m still having problems seeing all events/days in the “Motion” section.

It’s not such a big deal, we can work around it, although it makes things harder and I was hoping it is a known issue. It is usually rare to be the only person in the world with a problem like this.

Were you able to check if it needs some time to populate/download the list of events from the servers? Or something like that?

Thanks for your help!


@eyetechsecurity My apologizes! I read your previous message totally wrong, I’m sorry this is still happening on your computer. I did actually reach out to my team on this, who was able to download the Windows 1803 version onto their computer, and then the Ring app version that you stated you had. They then went into the different tabs where they saw all events, and then just the Motion tab. Their Motion tab had all the same events as the All tab, so they were unsure why you may be running into the concern as you have. I know that this doesn’t help us much, but I even asked them to share a screen recording of it, which showed all the same events in both categories.

I did follow up and see if there needs to be some time to populate the events from the servers, and while it can take some time after the video has been processed, it should be mere minutes after the event occurred, and as long as the device with the Windows app has a solid connection, it shouldn’t be still working as it has for you. We should have an update for the Windows app rolling out in the near future, which we can see if your app is still preforming the same after said update! I was unable to get an ETA on this update, but if you see the update come to your app, and this concern still persists, feel free to post back into this thread and let me know, so I can bring this up with my team again. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much I appreciate your time and trying to help.

I will report back after the update.


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