Windows 10 App: Disconnects randomly, wont stay connected

Why does the Windows 10 app always disconnect from my floodlight cam at random intervals of time? I would like to be able to leave the app up and view it like a CCTV security system but it always disconnects randomly. It doesnt appear to do the same on iOS or Android, although I must say I have never personally kept the mobile app up for as long as attemptedon Win10.

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Hi @JedidiahBreeze. Are you trying to view the Live View for your Floodlight Cam for longer than 10 minutes straight? The devices are not designed to be 24/7 recording and viewing as if it were CCTV, and will timeout after being pulled up for 10 minutes. I hope this helps clear this up for you!

I have the same thing happen to me with the Ring for Windows 10 app… the only way to fix it I have found is to completely remove / reinstall it… BUT it will always start disconnecting again after a few days (until I remove/reinstall again)

My live view on any cam on any Windows 10 computer doesn’t stay up for more than a few minutes (typically 1 or 2) without disconnecting. Often it will not connect again immediately after when clicking Live View once it disconnects. It says activating… a long time then times out. This is not very functional or user friendly. If I’m on the iOS app it stays open as long as I want. What gives?

Further I get no sound on the win10 app, I enable it and crank it way up - nothing.

Same issue here. Testing a re-install soon but other users are claiming it doesn’t always help for very long.