Window and Door Sensor 6 pack

Was about to buy a couple 6 packs (I need over 20 sensors) and noticed they’re all gone? Not even listed at many places. And if they are, it’s OOS.

Has it been discontinued?

Never saw a 6 pack before. I did look at don’t see anyone selling them. There are 2 packs in Amazon. But if you have the plus plan you can get a 10% discount. Buy 12 and save $24 at The standard price is $20 each.

Hey neighbors! There are also bundles and limited time offers available at You might find a larger Alarm security kit that might fit your needs. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Oh everyone had it just a couple months ago. I was lagging on buying it, and then when I got around to it, it’s like, completely gone. Almost erased

(sold items on Ebay)

Judging by the answer from the mod, it appears it is discontinued. Oh well.

I already have the alarm kit (14 piece from amazon a while back) so just need some extra parts.