Will the video doorbell wired (cheapest) work with the bridge?

I’m trying to design my outside lights. I want 3 zones but I can’t find info if I can use the the video doorbell wired motion detection to trigger a zone with the bridge and A19 smart bulbs.

I’ve looked on the web and this forum but can’t find any info.

Hi @haplessbrewer. I would suggest looking setting these up as Linked Devices. This could be a great solution to what you are trying to accomplish. This Help Center article here has great information on how to do this. I hope this helps!

I have a good idea of what i want to do and how to do it. My question is does the the Video Doorbell Wired (the cheapest one) work with the bridge? I can’t find any information on comparability. I just don’t want to buy stuff and find out that particular model doesn’t work with the bridge.

Yes I do have my little doorbell wired linked to my Ring A19 smart bulb + bridge. It does work, however I find this doorbell’s motion sensory range to be poor, especially at night. Also in general the Ring doorbells and cameras (even spotlight and floodlight cams) will only turn on linked Ring lights for 1 minute, until triggered again by a new motion event. The light can be set in the settings to supposedly stay on for 3 or 5 minutes too, but IT DOES NOT WORK. People have mentioned this for quite some time, but Ring has not fixed it.

The lights activate each other much more smoothly and they operate more as intended. You might consider using one of the motion detecting Ring smart lights as the motion sentinel that triggers your other lights, instead of linking to the doorbell directly.

But yes lights connected to bridge do work with the doorbell. It’s just limited in my experience. The main limitation being the very poor motion detection of the video doorbell wired at night. If on the other hand your plan is to use the Ring lighting to trigger your doorbell to record sooner, that should work well enough.

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