Will the street light ruin the ring doorbell camera

The streetlight is right in front of my house, and they just switched to an LED that is so bright it is essentially daylight out. Is there a way to pan the camera down a little so the light isn’t directly in the camera? More importantly, will this end up burning an image into the camera and end up ruining it?

Hi @Zenanigans. You can use a Wedge Kit for your Doorbell to help angle its view downwards slightly, which may help in your situation. You can find all of the Wedge and Corner Kits for our Doorbells on our website here. Just verify which model you have, which you can find on the back of the Doorbell, on the original packaging, or on the Device Health page. :slight_smile:

Thanks Caitlyn. More important, will the light ruin the camera? I would really have to angle it down and anybody on my porch would be filmed from the waist down. I might be better off switching to a battery operated ring so I can raise it up, or see if I drill a new hole in the door frame up higher and pull the wires up. If the light won’t harm the camera, I won’t worry about it.

@Zenanigans The light isn’t going to harm your Doorbell. It could cause the night vision not to activate at night if the light is very bright, but it’s not going to cause any harm or damage to your device. I hope this information helps. :slight_smile: