Will the New Ring Doorbell wired work on this setup

I am looking at wiring the Ring Doorbell wired. Can you let me know if the wiring will work on my existing doorbell

Hi @pmadden. The Doorbell Wired is not compatible with any Chime Kit. The Doorbell Wired bypasses your internal chime kit and is wired directly to a low voltage transformer. If you want a wired doorbell that will also ring your internal chime kit, check out our Ring Pro here. I hope this helps.

Thanks no that is perfect, i want to bypass it, just wondering where i would put the cross over loop cable is it on the 2 x red or connect the crossover with red and black

Hey @pmadden. I’m unsure of what wires would have to be connected. To be certain, you may have to test this with a multimeter.