Will solar camera work here (image) in uk

Live in uk and want to install a camera ideally on house above porch indicated in yellow. Will solar power be enough to charge it etc given we are in uk with front of house facing east. Alternative positioning would be on porch in red zones but worried they could be easily removed by thieves as reachable there.

Save yourself the time, frustration and headache and look up the dozens of threads created recently about how the solar charging has completely stopped working recently. People have the solar panels located where they get more than 6 hours of sun a day and the cameras have stopped charging. Also Ring is completely silent about these issues. Just warning you.

One example: https://community.ring.com/t5/Security-Cams/Stick-up-cam-and-solar-panel-not-charging/td-p/43385

Hi @Angel0071987. Our Solar Panels and Solar Chargers require at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day in order to provide a trickle charge that helps keep the battery on your Ring device topped off. It’s important to keep in mind that if your device experiences a large number of events each day, it’s possible that the battery may drain more quickly than it can charge from the Solar Panel. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile: