Will smart light bulb flash when someone rings the doorbell? For deaf/hearing impaired

I’m getting Ring Doorbell 2. I’m trying to figure I could be able to use the smart light bulb as flasher for indoor when someone press the doorbell. I know it requires Bridge. But right now, the information is very little. I don’t want motion sensor for just this so I should disable the motion sensor since I live in apartment complex.

Should I get Bridge and smart light bulb if this is solution? Is there some way to use smart light bulb as flasher?

Hi @user5445445. At this time, there isn’t a way to set up the Ring Smart Lights to flash or perform different light patterns. They will turn on when motion is detected, and using the Ring Bridge allows for additional controls in the Ring app such as manually turning them on or off, using Light Schedules, and adjusting the brightness.

I’d actually recommend looking into which third party smart lights work with the Alexa app, as Ring devices are integrated with Alexa and you can set up Routines. For example, you could set up a Routine that triggers when someone rings the Doorbell and causes a smart light bulb to flash or turn a different color. I hope this helps!

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