Will Ring doorbell video be blocked by door frame?

I want to purchase a ring doorbell for my front door. I have several questions.

  1. Will the door frame block the video camera on the ring door bell? See the image below for the door frame and the shadow the frame casts.
  2. Can I always add different ring products (such as motion sensor light and video) to my preexisting ring product?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @2020UnderMoon. I’d be happy to try and answer your questions here! For the first one, I’d suggest reviewing our Doorbell Buyer’s Guide here, which will allow you to compare the different models we have and see what the installation process will look like for each. That way you’ll be able to determine which one will fit your home best. As for your second question, you can always add new devices to the Ring App at any time to expand your home security. I hope this helps answer your questions! :slight_smile: