Will poor wifi cause delay on Video doorbell 2?

Got the Video Doorbell 2 but there is a delay, the wifi is very poor it says. Will getting a chime pro wifi extender help with this and improve the delay?

Hey @Waddyuk. If your Doorbell is not receiving a strong wifi signal, this can definitely impact how quickly Live View and other features will load. I’d recommend reviewing this Community post on RSSI here. That post will go over what RSSI is, which is how your Ring measures the signal it is receiving from your wifi network.

Depending on your internet speeds, a Chime Pro can help improve the signal your Doorbell is receiving. We recommend at least 2 Mbps upload/download speed for the Doorbell, but you also want to account for the other devices in your home that may be utilizing these speeds as well. You can learn more about how the Chime Pro works here.