Will never purchase another ring product and have made all my friends aware!

Moved to a new home with a ringdoorbell elite. Wouldn’t connect. Called customer service multiple times and spent 30-60min each time on the phone with them with a conclusion that I needed a new camera and it would be sent to me free of charge as the camera at the new house was still under warranty. At my previous resident I owned 5 ring cameras/floodlights and I paid for the yearly subscription. It’s now been 2 months and no camera. Multiple calls keep getting me the run around with a “it’ll ship soon”. Supervisors, managers–all the same. I finally had it as we needed a doorbell and I got the eufy battery operated. SOOOOOO much better! It works great and most important I don’t need to pay a stupid monthly service just to see your recordings. I am absolutely DONE with ring. I’m letting every one of my friends and neighbors know about my experience and telling them about eufy. I hope someone from Ring reads this. You lost a loyal customer who spent thousands.