Will lights on timers set of the motion detectors?

Hi quick question that I can’t find an answer to. Will lights on smart plugs and bulbs set of the ring second generation motion detectors?

Hi @JamesE. That’s a great question. Generally speaking, this shouldn’t cause your Ring Alarm Motion Detecter to be triggered. However, if a lightbulb is left on for an extended amount of time and is in close proximity to the Motion Detector, this could cause a false alarm do to the heat from the lightbulb. Any visible heat source should be moved away from the Motion Detector for this reason. I hope this helps!

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Thanks Tom,

You may know the answer to another question I have…

When using ring cameras (indoor and outdoor) in home or away mode. If motion is detected in the house by these cameras in the above modes, will it set off the ring alarm?

We’re happy to help, @JamesE! :slight_smile:

You certainly can link your Alarm and Ring Cameras together in the Ring app. The options are, however, slightly different than what you mentioned above. When you link your Alarm to a Camera/ Video Doorbell, this will provide the ability to have your Cameras begin recording whenever the entry delay of your Alarm is triggered. This means that the Alarm must be triggered first, and then the linked devices will respond as desired to such. The opposite is not an option at this time.

Another benefit of linked Cameras and Alarm, if you have a Camera with a built in siren, you can link this Camera siren to sound with your Alarm siren.