Will adding VD3+ battery last longer if use a Chime pro to reduce RSSI

My VD3+ battery only lasts around 1 month. Tried all settings etc and still stays the same, been on to Ring who just went through settings.

My RSSI is around 65, I’m wondering if I should use my Chime Pro 2G and put it very near my door and use that to connect it to its network, I’d then have to move an Alexa to where the chime pro was to get doorbell notifications.

So before I try all this would this help battery life by much? I’d probably buy another Chime if it did and use the chime pro just for this, but all pointless if wont help.


Hi @L1111. It’s possible that lowering the RSSI and improving the connection your Doorbell is receiving can help the battery life. With a higher RSSI, the connection is more strained which can cause the Doorbell’s battery to discharge more quickly, but it may not be a very significant difference in battery life overall. You can read more on RSSI and what it is in our Community Post here.