Will adding a light on the porch assist with detecting people?

I’ve noticed that when someone comes to my door at night, the camera either won’t dectect them, or detects them at the last second. If I had a sensor light, will it help detect them earlier? I have the Video Doorbell 2. Also I saw on the US site there is smart lighting, do you know when this will come to Australia?

Hi @Femia! As all environments vary, we made sure to include settings and features in the Ring app that will allow you to optimize your experience. The best first step is to explore all motion settings in the Ring app and test to see if a higher sensitivity will work at night. Sometimes a diy solution is needed, such as adding lights to the area if it gets too dark at night. Feel free to try this out!

At this time Smart Lighting is available in the US only, but keep an eye on Ring.com for updates on this. :slight_smile: