Will a sensor going offline in home/away mode trigger siren alarm?

I have professional monitoring and generally set ring to home and armed mode at nights and away when going out of town. I have also noticed that some of our door contact sensors randomly go offline from time to time and sometimes come back on their own or have to be reset. But so far not while in home or away mode (that I’ve noticed). It doesn’t say tampered in these cases, just offline. If this happens in home/away mode, will that trigger the alarm? I’d like to avoid triggering the siren and alarm in the dead of night especially for just an offline sensor.

Hey @paquettefamily. If a Contact Sensor drops offline temporarily, it should not trigger the alarm. The alarm should only trigger when the Contact Sensor is tripped, which is when the door or window is opened. If you find that the sensor is dropping offline often, you may need to look into adding a Range Extender to help strengthen the signal between the Base Station and the sensor. :slight_smile: