Will a Ring Pro in bridge mode use the cellular network for alarm communication?

I know that if I operate the Ring Pro base station in bridge mode, I will lose the 24/7 cellular internet backup feature.

But what about cellular backup for alarm communication? Like a regular non-pro base station works.

I don’t need the cellular internet backup, but if my internet goes out I still want my alarm to use the cellular network for alarm communication. Will this work?

Hi @uscpsycho. There’s too many unknown variables to determine if yours will work or not. My best advice is to simply test it in this configuration. Put your Ring Alarm Pro Base Station in bridge mode, configure your network how you’d like, then unplug your router or shut off your internet however you can. Then open the Ring app and you can see how cellular backup works. This should work, but again, there’s some unknown variables so it’s best to test it. It should only take about 5 minutes.