will a Ring 2 doorbell fit on a Ring doorbell mounting bracket?

I have a wired Ring and I am considering updating to Ring 2. This installation uses the corner/wedge kit. Will I need to get a new mounting kit or will the new Ring 2 fit onto my existing bracket and all I need to do is pull my existing device from teh braclet and slide the new one into place? And since the Ring device I now have works with my existing door chime, will I need to do anything to the new Ring 2 to ensure compatability?



Great question @theogluck1! The Video Doorbell 2 does not require a bracket for installation as the wire terminals are directly on the back of the device. This means you will need to remove the original Video Doorbell bracket from the wall prior to installing the Doorbell 2. Also, the Video Doorbell 2 should come with one Wedge and Corner piece to allow for more mounting options. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello. Can you tell me if the holes for the Doorbell 2 mount matches the holes of the Doorbell 1 bracket? I’m talking about what’s screwed into the wall. I currently have a Doorbell 1 mounted on brick, so I want to know if I can just do a direct replacement with a Doorbell 2 without drilling new holes into the brick. Thank you

Hey @inazuma. We do have an adapter plate that automatically comes in the box with all Ring Video Doorbell 2 boxes. This is something you can use to easily convert over to the Ring Video Doorbell 2 from the Ring Video Doorbell. You can learn more about what this adapter is exactly and how it will work in your situation here. :slight_smile:


Awesome! This is exactly the information I was looking for. I’ve been searching for some time, so really appreciate your reply!

One more question… I’m thinking of getting the Ring Video Doorbell 3 (or 3 Plus) instead of the 2. Does the adapter also come with those products so I can use the drilled holes on my current Doorbell 1?

Thanks again!

@inazuma The Ring Video Doorbell 3 does also have this adapter plate, but it will convert a 2 to a 3, so you’ll need to purchase the additional plate here, which allows for the conversion from a Ring Video Doorbell to a 3!